Interactive display windows at the Toy Worlds Museum Basle

Between 22nd October 2016 and 2nd April 2017 the Toy Worlds Museum Basle will show the special exhibition „The girl and the sea, Thousands of years old, mysterious depictions of sea creatures – Florence Gottet collection“.



Interactive LED Video Wall - we threw the rulebook out of the window: This will keep your head in the clouds

The Kazimierz Galeria, a Krakow shopping mall, has always been known for extravagant shopping. However, it now also boasts a unique, sensational shopping experience:

When visitors stroll through the classy architecture of the...


Steak Fever at the Cologne Hilton

pepino©, vertigo systems' new smart pendant light, was the centre attraction of the New York Meat Market at the Konrad Restaurant in the Cologne Hilton! It was the combination of rustic-American table culture and the digital...


›living floor‹ in social media craze

In May, we experienced what can happen when a well-known online magazine posts a video of ›living floor‹, vertigo systems' interactive floor: 2.8 million hits in only a few days and a flood of excited...


Dive into the interactive world of travelling!

A totally different dimension of travel booking has been created at the travel agency of DER in Berlin at „The Q“! Already on the ride on the escalator to the basement it is obvious: something is going on as there is hustle and...


Exclusive offer: ›virtual penalty kick‹ – the highlight during the football summer of 2016!

The biggest sports event in football this summer starts on 10. June 2016 and vertigo systems provides a great highlight which ensures to attract Attention!

Create pure soccer fever in every room using the virtual penalty shoot...


light + building 2016

It is time again: You will be able to discover our product range of >living surface< from 13 - 18 March 2016 at the light + building in Frankfurt.

For the first time ever, we will present our product innovation ...


pepino© – interactive lighting design

Who would have guessed it: There is so much more behind the simple casing. pepino© is a magic and interactive lamp which responds to all activity and objects on tables, floors and bars and creates attractive animated graphics in...

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