›living surface‹
life-size interactivity


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›living floor‹

step into the magical world of the interactive floor. The touchless interactive projection will deliver a unique social experience and engage your visitors.
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›living wall‹

use our touch-free interactive wall elements to design fascinating architectural environments with vivid interior media facades.
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›living table‹

display and grasp knowledge and information in a vivid way with our multi-touch table solutions. Use our loungetable and interactive bar to inspire your guests.
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The new InterActivator ® is the solution for your mobile tour! Inform yourself, how events, road shows or promotions will be unique without big effort!
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Be the talk of the town having a unique atmosphere! pepino© our interactive light is the next level of lighting design as a perfect eye-catcher! The stunning surprise effect is proven to touch adults and children! Entertain your customers in shops & showrooms and your visitors in museums and medical practices!
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The new selfie tool makes it possible: From now on everyone can have themselves photographed with your favourite celebrities! It can be customized with individual backgrounds, celebrities and characters! Share the pictures with your friends!
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›virtual penalty kick‹ – the highlight during the football summer of 2016! Fun guaranteed! Create pure soccer fever in every room using the virtual penalty shoot of ›virtual penalty kick‹. Let your guests prove their physical exertion and play against the 3D-animated goalkeeper.
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›living surface-in a box‹ is a modular all-in-one solution that houses all components including a PC, projector, camera system and mirror. The box is easy to mount on the ceiling to create an interactive floor, interactive wall or interactive table.
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